E-Marketing for Law Firms: Blogs and Twitter

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Dr. Ruth Page reports for SolicitorsSearch.com that blogs and Twitter are effective e-marketing tools for law firms. Her studies indicate; however, that using these tools isn't a simple task and getting them right takes significant time investment.

SolicitorsSearch.com reports that in today's society where Google has become the primary search tool used to source information and recommendations from others, certain forms of social media including social newtorking sites and blogs can present effective and cost-effective e-marketing opportunities for law firms. In addition to institutional web pages, blogs and microblogging create evolving, quality content that increases a law firm’s reputation. But it is key to remember that no one social media tool in isolation will achieve the full range of possible networking effects.

Using Twitter as a professional microblog allows firms to personalise their institutional identity, to share information in a timely fashion and to interact with potential clients and colleagues internationally. But the length of a blog post allows more scope to develop rich content than the 140 character constraints of a tweet. Linking and commenting are key features which the writer can use to position their blog within the wider online world.

Google prioritizes both recency and relevance in responding to search enquiries; thus blog writing is readily promoted by the search engine. Gaining and maintaining an audience for your blog; however, is not always easy. While Twitter might not be the environment for an extended piece of writing, it is an excellent tool for pointing fellow tweeters to other online resources, which might well include your own blog. Twitter has also been dubbed a form of ‘word of mouth’ recommendation, opens many opportunities to join in with the latest key debates, and thus is one of the great e-marketing tools for law firms.

When using Twitter or a blog as a marketing tool for a law firm, issues include balancing personal and professional aspects of your online voice. Are you writing on behalf of your law firm, or on your own behalf? Although many believe that they will get a better response if they use a personal rather than an institutional name in social media, tweeting about personal and domestic matters are not likely to be effective methods of building a law firm’s professional reputation. For further advice on unwritten rules for law firms who are tweeting, be sure to read the 5 Hottest Tips for Law Practices Using Social Media Marketing.

The use of both blogs and Twitter require a significant and ongoing time investment, but can certainly add an interactive dimension to the online resources provided by your firm.

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